Roving Patrol

Anderson Security offers a roving patrol for after hour’s service on weekdays, weekends and holidays for those businesses that do not have a need for full-time stationary security services. Roving patrol will make random checks of your business or property to meet your specifications.

Anderson Security officer’s are dedicated to protecting your business and are proactive in their endeavors as they patrol your property in marked vehicles to assist in the prevention, deterrence and detection of vandalism, criminal mischief, theft or safety related issues.

The following is a listing of the services available through the use of a random roving patrol:

Interior building inspections:

All client checkpoints are electronically recorded using the "Videx Touch Probe Computerized Program"

External building inspections:

Random checks of parking lots, vehicles, storage lots and out buildings, along with the exterior lighting, doors and windows

System checks:

Physically monitor your facilities HVAC or other operating systems and interior doors and lighting

Security escorts:

Provide escort security for your employees or clients to parking lots or other areas of the facility as required

Warning decals:

As an extra measure of security we will provide security decals for your doors, windows, out buildings or any other areas you deem necessary

Security systems:

Activate or deactivate security systems

Bank drops:

Escort your employee to the bank.

Lock & Unlock service:

We will open and close your business or facility according to your specifications. This service is especially beneficial to malls, industrial parks, churches or small and large businesses


Anderson Security will provide you with documentation and electronic verification of all security activity that takes place at your business or facility. Anderson Security officer's are also required to file a Daily Activity Report (DAR) and submit a written report of any activity outside the normal scope of business

Security system runner:

For our clients and other alarm companies we can immediately dispatch a security officer in a marked A.S.I. vehicle to investigate the source of the alarm. Contact the local police if needed and contact our client with the results and secure the building on behalf of the client. This service eliminates the necessity for the client to respond and greatly reduces the clients’ liability in having an employee respond. Best of all, we can offer this service at a nominal fee of only $15.00 per month for the first two occurrences in a thirty day period.

Roving patrol services provided by Anderson Security Incorporated are an effective way for mall’s, business parks, apartment complexes and neighboring businesses to join forces, share resources and effectively reduce their cost of providing a safe and secure environment.